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    Deliver one day - move in the next


    An ambitious urban infill or your personal clever Airbnb business


    Houses and apartments can’t be moved? Move a village!


    A healthy indoor climate is a human right.


    For us, the Earth, and the generations to come.

KODA villages & urban infill

KODA needs a mere 30 m² per unit.
Elegant sail-patterned houses create a vibrant mixture of hotels and homes, cafes and studios, a community space or a business hub in a snap.
Temporary building permits and Meanwhile planning enable the meaningful use of transitory or vacant plots in the city centrals.

Manufacturing & installation

The moving factory concept:

KODA houses are produced off site with high-precision and uncompromising quality.

The full process – from developing an extremely resilient, waterproof and maintenance free concrete panels, casting the concrete, the infrastructure and automatisation works, finishing surfaces, to assembling – every detail is under the control of the Kodasema team.

Our technology for mass production of innovative concrete modules can be applied for different type of architectural solutions.

Our moving factory concept allows it to be where the demand is.


Deliver one day – move in the next

Your house(s) will be delivered all-in-one via trailer in one piece. We will take care of the logistics.

The site preparation is minimal. All a KODA needs is ground with levelled footing (assuming you want a level floor), access with a crane, and connection points for water, sewerage, and electricity.

Lifting and shifting shall be done by Kodasema or an authorised partner. One day for installation – pack the toothbrush and move in.


Demo houses

London, UK

BRE Innovation Park
Bucknalls Lane,
Watford, WD25 9NH,
Hertfordshire, UK
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Almere, Holland

BouwEXPO Tiny Housing
Alseidenstraat 20,

1363 Almere,
The Netherlands
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Kodasema factory

Järvekalda tee 33,
76912 Harkujärve,

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