KODA is a movable concrete house




26.4 m² accommodates all necessities for smart living and working.
No need for a foundation, no finishing works after the pop-up. Turn key in 4–7 hours.

KODA revives the (temporarily) unused spaces, adds value to the cracks and edges of the cityscape. Elegant micro units create a prime quality living area or business centre – a vibrant mixture of hotels and homes, cafes and studios, and a community area – in a snap.

The house feels twice as big from the inside. It's splendid for 1–2 dwellers (and a pet) or 2+2 visitors hotel room solution. KODA office or meeting room has space for 3–7 team members.

Modular. Stackable. Playful. Zen.



For an ambitious urban infill or your personal clever Airbnb business – KODA is
a perfect commercial property solution.

- The yield of renting out KODA houses starts from 8% a year.
- The houses are manufactured off site with the highest standard in building.
- Temporary building permits give access to temporarily unused plots in the city centrals.
- You can sell the houses in the after-market like cars or relocate your village at will.
- All-in-one delivery and installation.

Developmental areas and brownfields or backyards and rooftops – mere 30 m² of land per unit means almost any available space can have a business plan with KODA.



Houses and apartments can’t be moved? You can move an entire village.
KODA is free-standing, not fixed to the ground, and its design and structure allow it to be assembled and disassembled many times over.
All a KODA needs is a ground with sufficient weight-bearing capacity, levelled footing (assuming you want a level floor), and connection points for water, sewerage, and electricity. A single lorry to carry it in one piece and a crane to nest it in.

Smart heating, cooling and power systems, are neatly concealed within the flooring, ceiling, and inner walls of the unit, so it's lift and go!

We believe the idea that once a house is built, it is forever, is antiquated. As people's needs change in time – yes, the house will last forever, but you can relocate and re-purpose it infinite times.



This was our starting point. KODA is designed to be long-lasting and sustainable.
With solar panels on the roof, the high thermal isolation value of VIP insulation (U-value of 0.1 W/m²K), and four-layered glass facade (with a U value of 0.3 W/m²K) it is a Plus-Energy house.

The concrete we've developed exceeds the compressive strength of commonly used concrete more than 3 times, it is waterproof, UV-radiation-, all-weather-proof and maintenance free.
Painted wood would require re-painting in some years whereas concrete just gets stronger over time.

Erecting or relocating a KODA house doesn’t require extensive digging and laying foundations, and at the end of its life, components can be disassembled and reused easily.

Oh, and KODA requires just 9 m3 (318 ft3) of concrete – that is less than a “normal” house requires for foundation. As spacious as it feels, KODA has a very small footprint.



People spend about 90% of their life indoors. Our health, well-being and performance are directly dependant on the quality and conditions these buildings provide.

We have put an extra effort to creating a healthy indoor climate oases in KODA. A lot of natural light, minimised external noise, built-in adjustable LED lights, fresh air, controlled CO2 level supporting bright brainwork and good nights rest.

The finishing materials we use are completely non-toxic. It's natural to prefer natural.
KODA's high ceiling and luminous atmosphere is good for your soul. KODA creates more time, space and energy.








KODA’s components are manufactured in a controlled and optimised factory environment. As a result erection on a chosen site takes no more than seven hours sparing the neighbours and surrounding area the noise, dust and other inconvenience of ongoing construction work. KODA doesn’t need any special finishing once built either – allowing you to move in straight away.


What People Say About KODA?

  • To me, KODA is the Mecca of health. One step from nature with an unending supply of vitamin D. And my bike’s right outside the door if I feel like doing a bit of exercise. Indoors I can really feel myself being soothed by the timber walls, my very own corner spa with its LED lighting, the reed mat that gives me a place to rest and a good night’s sleep, the clean air I need to think clearly and the space to meditate with my face turned towards nature and the light.

    MARIIN PETOFFER - 21, student and marketing specialist
  • Setting up Kodasema homes in Tallinn is definitely worth considering because they’re innovative, modular houses perfectly suited to an energy-efficient lifestyle. (Postimees, 08.03.2016)

    ENDRIK MÄND, Architect to the City of Tallinn
  • If you compare Kodasema’s houses to ours, I’d say we’re making Volkswagens and they’re making Lexuses.

    HENRI BEKMANN, Member of the Board of modular building manufacturer Greencube
  • KODA is this perfect, amazing find – white concrete, reminiscent of a Laser sail, strong and sensitive. And so sexy!

    KATRIN KULDMA, Designer and fashion artist
  • It’s a sustainable house, smartly put together, with some really cool design elements. The ace up its sleeve is definitely how easy it is to use: buying one doesn’t entail reams of red tape.

    AIVO ROSENBERG, Building contractor and member of the Board, AS Toode