koda team person member leader

Hannes Tamjärv

The original idea at the early stages of Kodasema was to stop wasting energy and start reducing the energy consumption also in the construction industry. Small living spaces often automatically mean less energy is required leaving a smaller footprint. These ideas eventually resulted in the KODA.”




koda team person member leader
Head architect, founder

Ülar Mark

According to Mr Mark, who is also a keen sailor, the mission of Kodasema was to change the construction sector by developing a small, sustainable and mobile home so that it can be easily placed on vacant or temporarily vacant plots in city centres.  This helps serving the cycles of the real-estate industry in many urban environments, solving the problem of property owners who wish to play with the timing of their development.



koda team person member leader
Head Engineer

Aivars Alt

For Mr Alt, it was the engineering challenge to fit everything large into limited space that drew him to join the Kodasema team. He is also intrigued by complicated situations to meet the clients’ architectural ambitions as well as finding a balance between complex solutions and an economical mindset.



koda team person member leader

Birgit Linnamäe

 “KODA is an aesthetically pleasing source of space, time, energy and values for individuals and businesses of all kinds,” according to Mrs Linnamae. She goes on to add:” KODA simply and dynamically creates order in the chaotic pre-existing, but outdated rigidity of the construction industry and as a way of living.”