KODA Compact models

are the lower versions of the timber frame KODA Loft series

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KODA Compact shows how micro living solutions can make the finest design accessible to more people.

KODA Compact models

KODA Compact provides comfort with a smaller ecological footprint, reduced costs in transport and most of all, true flexibility – when you feel ready to move, you can bring your KODA with you!

The Compact models have high quality equipment with finest attention to details as the original size KODA Loft models. Based on your needs, you can choose either the smaller 20 sqm KODA Compact or the 35 sqm 1-bedroom KODA Compact Extended.

KODA Compact fact sheet/PDF KODA Compact Extended fact sheet/PDF KODA Compact Luxury Sauna/PDF
KODA Compact front view


KODA Compact is also known as ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units and more. No matter what you call them, ADUs are an innovative, affordable, effective option for adding much-needed housing quickly. Use it for private housing or urban infill development projects for commercialization.

*The visual is showing a cross-section, not a window on the side wall.

KODA Compact cross section from right side


The stackability allows to create two-storey apartment buildings, making even better use of the space available in tight urban locations. The connecting staircase can be external for private entries, or internal when wanting to expand a home or office.

Use it for land that is temporarily vacant, waiting to be built, waiting for master planning, or for land that only allows up to two storeys, KODA Compact is especially suitable for setting up quick rental apartment buildings.

KODA Compact models stacked_daytime view

Connecting KODAs

You can legolise your housing solution by adding a multi-purpose KODA, or a few, or removing one. Place your KODA on top or next to another KODA to create more space, just as you would build with blocks.

You could opt for even more versatile solutions when connecting two or more of the minimalist units for a bigger space. This will create 2-3 bedroom homes or an accommodation setting. Alternatively, the solution allows you to have a private home office right next to wherever you are located.

KODA Compact Extended

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