KODA Light Float


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The cooperation between Kodasema, the architecture and engineering company, and Top Marine, the designer of marina solutions, has resulted in KODA Light Float that integrates the house with floating pontoons enabling extended waterfront properties.

The KODA Light Float opens up the opportunity of using urban or countryside waterfront space. The architecture, design and engineering skills combined enable living near a favourite yacht harbour, on a private lake or on an urban canal. The versatility of modular housing concept makes the KODA Light Float either a harbour café, artist’s studio, not to mention a summer retreat or a fisherman’s dream.

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With its spacious comfort and high ceilings, the fully equipped tiny house has a facade-sized illuminating window. The floating KODA house gives an atmosphere of a mediterranean villa. The floating terrace creates even more luxury space to be blend into the favourite surroundings.

KODA Light Float from side_Riku_Kyla

Furthermore, one can extend the waterfront areas by using a KODA Light Float that is actually floating on the water attached to the shore.

KODA LIght Float from above by_Riku_Kyla

KODA Light series, constructed on timber frame using wood, glass, mineral wool and steel, is a space efficient movable house. Finished with plywood interior KODA Light is as minimalist as it is cosy. Exterior finishes can be chosen among a variety of materials including timber and zinc cladding, various boards in a wide range of colours.


Please contact us directly at sales@kodasema.com for information on pricing for the KODA Light Float